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Sarada's Remedies

Sarada's Remedies

Purchase Herbal Tinctures on SaradaUSA.com and see our full line of natural healing products.

Ayurvedic Herbal Extracts - Advancing the Ayurvedic Tradition

Sarada's Remedies is dedicated to offering nature's healing herbs and plants for the healthy benefit of humanity.

Sarada's Remedies - Herbal TincturesOur approach to health is based on Ayurveda, known in India as the "complete knowledge for long life."

All-natural herbal tinctures from Sarada's Remedies are sold in retail stores, health spas, and here on our web site.

Made in small batches from our original and proprietary formulations using dozens of the world's finest organic and wildcrafted herbs with absolutely no additives or chemicals.

Our organic and wildcrafted herbal tinctures promote and support balanced health, vitality and well being. We offer our tinctures as healing blessings from Mother Nature. Divine Elixirs!

Herbal Immunity (Rescue and Protection Remedy) - is also known as Flu Buster, "The Original & Authentic"

Clear Skin & Cool Body    Flu Buster    Herbal Immunity

Kidney Vitality    Lung Vitality

Man! Power    Mind Awake    Woman! Power

Our services include private consultations, training, seminars, and workshops for individuals, therapists, and spas.

PanchaKarma Retreats | Women Empowerment Workshops | Yoga and Marma Therapy | Ayurvedic Spa Training

Ayurveda provides us with the methods, knowledge and wisdom to create balanced and effective herbal tinctures and Ayurvedic services designed to harmonize, revitalize and energize mind, body and spirit.

Read Sarada's article, Ayurveda, From Summer to Fall (originally published by Yogi Times).

NEW: See what's in Sarada's Remedies Herbal Medicine Cabinet for various ailments.

See guidelines for taking Sarada's Remedies Herbal Tinctures and answers to common questions.

Learn about the herbs we use. Treat you and your loved ones to herbal tinctures from Sarada's Remedies.

Or, contact us for more information about our Ayurvedic products and services, including private consultations.

Sarada's Remedies