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Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn and Sarada's Remedies, Inc.

Owned and operated by Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn, Sarada's Remedies, Inc. manufactures and sells organic and wildcrafted Ayurvedic herbal tinctures and provides a full complement of Ayurvedic services for individuals and groups.

Herbal tinctures from Sarada's Remedies are made in small batches from the world's finest quality organic and wildcrafted herbs based on original and proprietary Ayurvedic formulations by Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn.

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn has shared her knowledge and experience of the Ayurveda system of traditional medicine as a speaker or leader at events in India, France, Spain, Hawaii, California, Colorado, and so on.

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn has studied and practiced Ayurveda in India and the United States since 1991. She is certified in Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad and the Ayurvedic Institute and mentored with Dr. Robert Svoboda.

Her broad focus and experience is holistic healthcare, including herbs and the plant kingdom, diet and nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, movement and bodywork, breath and spiritual practice. Sarada is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Sarada has always felt an immense love for the plant kingdom and was certified as a Master Gardener in 1990. She has developed beautiful and edible gardens around the world and has a keen interest in ethnobotany.

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn has formulated dozens of herbal tinctures, massage oils, and other body care products sold online, in retail stores, and health spas., a company she owns in partnership with her mother, makes an extraordinary line of all-natural Ayurvedic bodycare products based on her formulas.

Sarada is in private practice in California and Hawaii. She provides private Ayurvedic consultations in person, by phone and Skype. She leads retreats, workshops, and training sessions. Contact us for more information.

Read Sarada's Introduction to Ayurveda - "Complete Knowledge for Long Life".

Read Sarada's article, Ayurveda, From Summer to Fall (originally published by Yogi Times).

In the Hindu tradition, Dhanvantari is known as the physician of the gods (devas) and the god of Ayurvedic medicine. Read Sarada's poem, Salutations To Lord Dhanvantari.

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn gives greatest thanks to her mother, Peggy, who introduced her to healing, and Ammachi, her beloved spiritual teacher.

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