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Introduction to Ayurveda

"Complete Knowledge for Long Life"

Sarada's Remedies are formulated with herbs steeped in the Ayurveda tradition of good health and long life.

Thousands of years ago, the art and science of Ayurveda was revealed to the ancient seers and yogis of India as they meditated in the forests. With these revelations came a vast knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants and minerals and the methodology to awaken the body, mind and spirit into a natural state of balance. This direct knowledge, passed on through the years by memory and repetition, became the basis for the natural healing system known as Ayurveda, the "Science of Longevity" or "Complete Knowledge for Long Life."

At the core of Ayurveda is the understanding that every individual is a composition of consciousness and nature. From the time of conception, one is created with a unique combination of the Five Great Elements of Nature: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

The organization and percentage of these five elements within an individual's constitution are known as the doshas. Separated into three forces, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the tri-doshas are recognized within the body by the qualities and actions they perform. To present the essence of the doshas in an understandable way, we assembled the photos below to provide a general "feel" of each dosha, its elements, attributes and activity.

Tri-Doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Ayurvedic health practitioners can help you identify your constitution through various diagnostic methods. This knowledge serves as your personal road map for returning to and maintaining your natural state of being.

Diet, herbs, oils, and a lifestyle best suited to your individual make-up leads to good health and longevity. Ayurveda provides guidance for restoring the powerful intelligence of the body, mind and spirit to heal itself. Using Mother Nature's healing force, our intrinsic nature ushers forth vitality, beauty and radiance.

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