Sarada's Remedies

Salutations To Lord Dhanvantari

Poem by Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn

Lord DhanvantariOH Splendid One,
hue of Golden Blue,
crowned with the merging Connection of
phenomenon and Absolute.

Adorned with jewels and gems
of radiant luster,
dancing in unison with
the healing energies of the cosmos.

Clothed in silk,
delicate and colorful.

Your feet emerging Profound
Grace in Awakening of
the surrendered,
Fully Blossomed Being.

Your four arms
showing the medicines
that bring Complete healing.

The Golden Chakra,
spinning faster than light,
measuring the
waking up state of dream time
the sleeping state of Day,
Opening the eye to Infinity.

Sweet and melodious,
the Nada dancing forth,
from the conch
that you dynamically hold.

Shabda Brahman,
starts to manifest, energies start forming
and beginning to flow.

Reminding to remember,
the seed vibration
that permeates everywhere.
The tools for rejoicing, in the
of duality to ParaBrahman.

Your red leech
squiggles in Your hand,
waiting to be applied
to the outer layer
of manifestation,
sucking all the poisons of
from the toxic, strained Prana.

Lord DhanvantariReleasing the life
Force to flow,
abundantly and
filled with vitality.

Now what's inside
the vessel that you supply?
Nectar of Immortality,
a drink of Pure Delight.

Brought from the churning
of wrestling polarity,
Resistance of change
and identification,
with either dark or light.

Dynamic cosmic Dance,
of the most wondrous
wish fulfilling rainbow.

The coiled snake
rises up, unfolds,
and becomes the Unresistance.

Allowing the struggle,
to be at True Peace,
and breathing the
ecstatic merging of duality.

You who heals all,
in this amazing play,
from physical pain,
then burning and dissolving
all Samskaras,
To mending with Great Love
and Tranquillity.

OH Dhanvantari,
the Vision of Your
appearance is Grand.
Please bless us with
Your sublime mystery
of Bliss.

Sarada's Remedies