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Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn is in private practice in California and Hawaii and travels worldwide. Below is an overview of some of the Ayurvedic services she provides to individuals and healthcare practitioners.

Private Ayurvedic Consultations

PanchaKarma Retreats | Women Empowerment Workshops | Yoga and Marma Therapy | Ayurvedic Spa Training

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn

Private Ayurvedic Consultations:

Sarada Anastasia Von Sonn is available for private consultations - in person, by phone and Skype.

Read Sarada's, Introduction to Ayurveda, for a basic understanding of this natural healing system.

Sarada can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your Prakriti (unique constitution) and your Vikriti (current condition). An Ayurvedic understanding of your current and unique make-up informs specific dietary guidelines, customized herbal remedies, yoga and breath practice to bring your system into balance with vitality and harmony. Sessions can be scheduled one-time, in a series, or ongoing.

PanchaKarma Retreats (for 1- 7 people):

- PanchaKarma at Home or in the Clinic: Dive deep into a 21-day immersion of detoxifying the body/mind and then reawakening into your full potential of health and well-being. An initial personal evaluation of your constitution determines your needs for the exact regime and program specific for you. Designed for one week pre-regimes and one week post-regimes in your home. Five days of therapies specifically tailored to your needs occur in the middle of the program at the clinic. Engaging and dedicating oneself fully into this transformational process brings profound healing results. A post consultation is offered at the end of the program to assure continued rejuvenation and maintainance of health. Program includes Purvakarma, Panchakarma and Rasayana.

- PanchaKarma in Nature: A concentrated 10-day retreat in the spaciousness and care of our Mother Nature and away from our usual habitual life. This is a special time to let go, transform and renew into the being that we preciously hold within, manifesting our dream and awaken to our full potential. The program starts with an initial personal evaluation and pre-regime program before you come to the location. While at our nature facility, the program includes using whole foods and simple meals to assist our digestive function, eliminate toxins and assimilate greater amounts of nutrients, practicing daily yoga asanas, pranayama (breath practice) and meditation. Learn valuable techniques to establish greater balance in your daily life with vitality, clarity and joy. Program includes Purvakarma, Panchakarma and Rasayana.

Women Empowerment Workshops:

Two-day workshop or a 7-10 day retreat to reawaken the Divine Shakti energy that permeates our body, mind and spirit. Learn important keys through herbal understanding and application, yoga asana and pranayama (breath practice), nutritional balancing and comprehensive guidelines for your individual constitution. Play and practice in the knowledge of self abhyanga (self massage), marma chikitsa (point therapy), facial masques and facial rejuvenative massage to experience valuable tools for maintaining and encouraging your radiance and well-being to manifest. Take time to feel the Great Goddess, call upon Her and dwell in Her infinite unconditional Love through chanting, meditation and contemplative time.

Yoga and Marma Therapy:

Focused on the ultimate goal of achieving the four goals of life (dharma, artha, kama and moksha), this workshop incorporates an understanding of the basic essentials of the Yoga Sutras, including the Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and (Goddess Willing) Samadhi. The yoga asana integrates marma therapy to promote muscle tone and flexibility, increase pranic flow to the seven dhatus (tissues) and organ systems, improve concentration, and establish harmony.

Ayurvedic Spa Training:

For Clinical Practitioners and Health Spas: Comprehensive training in traditional Ayurvedic therapies designed to enrich the services you offer with authentic Ayurvedic treatments for healing, relaxing and rejuvenating an individual client's mind, body, and spirit based on her or his unique makeup and thousands of years of wisdom and practice.

Sarada's Training Sessions for Providers of Ayurvedic Spa Services provides a working foundation for understanding and employing traditional and authentic Ayurvedic therapy and treatment methods.

Click here for more and detailed information about our Ayurvedic Spa Training.

Other Ayurvedic Training Sessions:

- Abhyanga: Ayurvedic herbal oil massage.
- Marma Chikitsa: Ayurvedic form of massage therapy using vital, acupressure points.
- Shirodhara: Ayurvedic therapy that gently pours herbal liquids over the forehead (the 'third eye').
- Herbal & Clay Body Masque (Udvartana): Balances kapha, eliminates toxins, stimulates circulation.
- Ayurvedic Facials: Healing, beautification and rejuvenation of the facial skin, tissues and muscles.
- Padabhyanga: Marma foot massage balances and harmonizes one's entire body.
- Shirobhyanga: Marma head massage relaxes the nervous system and promotes contentment.
- Nasya: Purification method effecting the nasal, throat and shoulder areas.
- Kati Basti: Useful for lumbar and thoracic vertebrae injuries, herniated discs and strains.

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